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Nature and Birds in the Andes and Rainforests

Led by Lelis Navarrette

June 30 - July 14, 2014

East from Quito the lakes and paramo grasslands of 13,000 ft Papallacta Pass offer classic alpine walks with vistas of 20,000 foot Andean peaks, as well as unusual birds and bizarre flora. On the Andes east slope (upper Amazon Basin), for two days we explore waterfalls, lakes, and lush forests at many altitudes. On the Pacific slope of the Andes for three days we search out Cock-of-the-Rock at their lek, toucans, quetzals, motmots, and flocks of even 15 different brilliant tanagers. Feeders at lodges host dozens of shimmering hummers and dozens of other birds. On numerous walks we'll admire orchids, bromeliads, palms, butterflies, leafcutter and army ants, and reptiles and amphibians. By night we'll search for potoos and owls. One hotel offers hot-spring fed pools and views of the Andes, while the other is surrounded by lush forest and beautiful trails. A delightful introduction to the Andes and upper Amazon, with grand vistas and many short hikes.

Ecuador Andes and Amazon Itinerary

June 30 - July 14, 2014

GROUND COST: $1275 (NOT including Amazon flight)

LEADER: Mark Smith and Ecuadorian Naturalists


Hummingbird Photos by Mark Smith taken on the 2004 trip

White-necked Jacobin
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88 Butterfly
Green-crowned Woodnymph

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